The Story

Of the sweetest business in town

La passion du gôut

[Passion for food]

The story of Leo's Little Jars started many years ago, in France.

"In my family, food is our religion. To be treated with passion, love and respect. Some of my fondest childhood memories are in my Father's or my Grand Mothers' kitchens. And it is as a tribute to their teachings that Leo's Little Jars came to life. From them, I learnt the values of great cuisine:

Dedication, patience and audacity". Léo

a family matter

French Tradition

Growing up in an Epicurian French family, I have been passionate by cooking since an early age. It has always been a means to connect with my elders, learning their techniques, their recipes and finding inspiration in their precious cook books.
From the Magic land

South African Inspiration

South Africa gives me a permanent source of inspiration. With the incredible variety and quality of the local fruits I find; as well as the powerful energy emanating from this beautiful city that is Cape Town.
5 Years jamin'

Our Dream Team

From Leo's home kitchen to our own shop, it has been 5 incredible years. We have grown to a strong team that works so hard to create the greatest jams in the country!
inspired creations

From my heart to your toast

"One of the favorite parts of my work is literally spreading the love. There is something magical about being part of so many people's daily routines or special events"

Our values

Following the seasons, supporting local farmers, chosing only quality ingredients, adding little sugar, pushing our jar recycling program and packing our jams with love.

These are some of our promises!

Handmade with love

No preservatives - no additives - just love. From our hearts to your toasts

Fresh Ingredients

Fresh, local & seasonal fruits mixed with quality ingredients and very little sugar!

Friendly production

Small batches for best quality. And always in recyclable jars. That is our promise!

Our sweet store

43 Mill Street - Cape Town

Mon - Fri, 8:30am - 4:30pm

Reach us at: 0792700949