Custom branding

We offer custom branding options, allowing companies & hotels to create their own branded jams for a truly personalized guest experience;

Getting married this year? Let us create a unique jam for your guests to take home. ​Tell us who you are and we will create the recipe that will become the signature of your event. Your flavor, your design, their memories !

Perfect teachers' gifts

End of the year? Thank your kids teachers with their unique jars! Just order your jams and add a note in the order
wedding gifts

Spread the love

We would love to be part of your special day by creating unique and delicious gifts for your guests. They will think of you at breakfast and every day they look at their special jars.
company gifts

They won't forget how sweet your business is

Jams with your Company colors ! Thank your coworkers, partners, clients with a bespoke gift!
special event

Say it with jam

We can create any design from 20 units, let's create your very own jar for the sweetest memories!