Swiss Roll « à la Leo »

A Special Mother's Day breakfast in bed idea.

In France, Mother’s Day is often celebrated with children preparing a nice breakfast in bed for their mom. So here comes Leo’s special Swiss Roll or en Français “Roulé à la confiture“, a cake filled with Strawberry Jam.

Sweet, filled with love and gratefulness, it’s an easy yet sophisticated cake to thank your mum for all she does.

Setting The Mood

The first step is… drum rolls please ! The choice of music of course ! Because cooking with Leo’s Jams while not dancing is outrageous. Our personal musical recommendation is something that POPS, because this recipe is all about having fun! We hence recommend « Mama Said», by the Shirelles’s playlist.


45 min (35min preparation + 10min in the oven) – 6 people
The second step to our mom-pleasing-journey, is to preheat the oven at 210°C (th 7).
Now ! Let’s get started, shall we ?

Mix 4 egg yolks with 125g of sugar, until the dough becomes white-ish.

Slowly but surely (don’t get fooled by the rythm of the music!) sift 125g of flour, 1 tsp of baking powder and 2 tsp of vanilla sugar.

Beat up the 4 whites of the eggs until they become firm. We’re letting you on a little tip to check on the firmness of the mix : a spoon should be able to hold straight in it without much assistance.

Gently mix in the whites to the the dough. The idea is to make the dough „breathe“, for it to be light. The movement your arm should do is a « standing circle » : when you gently go through the dough with the spatula, make sure to reach for the bottom of the bowl before lifting it up, in a circle movement.

Then, pour the mix on an oiled cooking paper placed on a cold oven plate. Let it bake for 10 minutes. The cake has to be slightly golden.

Once the cake has cooked, roll it immediately with the cooking paper. Let it cool down.

Unroll the cake and remove the paper.

Spread the jam ( not Corona ! ) of your choice on the dough (our personal recommendation is Leo’s Extra Strawberry Jam for Extra flavor and LOVE). Gently roll the cake again, but without the paper.

Leo’s advice: to offer top notch experience to your mom, slice a fresh strawberry or two and place on the cake.

You are ready for mission “Mama’s Breakfast in Bed 2022”


Le Recap' (To Sum Up)

And there you go ! Here you have unlocked the secret to be the "Crème de la crème" on Mother’s Day !

Enjoy the time shared around the cake and around your mom of course.

We are personally quite sad to be away from our French mothers, so to all the mothers out there, feel free to come an give us a little hug this weekend @ the Oranjezicht City Farm Market ! 😊 😊 

And don’t hesitate to tag us on your Instagram to share your pics @leoslittlejarssa ! We would be delighted to see other people enjoying the recipe, and if you added a personal twist to it.

Avec tout notre amour,

Leo & team

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