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Follow my cooking adventures as I share my favorite recipes!

The french expression "La madeleine de Proust" (roughly translated to "Mr Proust's cake") is used to described a smell or a taste that sends you right back to a dear memory.

Well, some of the happiest moments in life happen in the kitchen or around a nice meal.

Think about it:

  • messy birthday baking with your kids;
  • late night snacking on leftovers with your best friends;
  • holiday meals that last for hours with the whole family;
  • a romantic breakfast in bed;
  • or that time you mastered your favorite recipe, alone in your underwear, with blasting music in the back;

Tell me these are not the images that would flash in front of your eyes in a near death experience?!

Well, it is time, time for me to share my madeleines, to open the Pandora box and share some of my favorite recipes.

Some will be easy, some will be dirty.

Some you'll want to share and some you'll eat in the dark, when no one's whatching.

Some will simply hit home for you and some will make you question my sanity.

But let me make a promise, all of them will come from my heart to yours (or well, from my heart to your bellies)

So relax, trust the process and enjoy the ride.


Bon appetit les amis
With love,

There is a reason this expression talks about cake ! why?
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