It's Leo's Little Jars' 6th Birthday!

Hi! I’m Léo, the jam lady

And Leo’s little jars was turning 6 on the 12th of March!

As I was browsing through past strategy boards, I found some interesting memorabilia from Leo’s Little Jars beginnings: The first drafts and vision boards for my little brand.

It was early March 2017 and I had been contemplating the launch a food business for a few months, when I was given the opportunity to trade at a market and show what I was made of; (or “show what I had in my belly” / “montrer ce que j’avais dans le ventre” as we say in French, funnily enough).

I hopped on the opportunity and created a brand in 24h:

“Leo’s Little Jars, or a taste of France in a recyclable container”.

My brain was on fire, frantically going through all the beautiful memories of growing up in a foodie family; wondering which recipes would be the best to honor my mentors: my grandmothers, Jeanne & Denise and father Olivier. It’s really no surprise that the first ones I chose were the family Ratatouille, the decadent chocolate mousse and the traditional jams.

It is with a heart full of hope and a belly full of stress that I arrived with all my little jars. Little did I know I was spreading the way to a very sweet professional carrier. (all puns intended)

I remember that first sale, the encouragements of visitors and traders, that overwhelming feeling of coming home empty handed, and that distinctive certainty that I had found my path.

After all I always wanted to be the sweet girl that people remembered; “Hey I’m Léo, the jam lady” has quite a ring to it, don’t you think?

6 years later, it’s time to look back; a shop with our name on it, a growing team of 7 amazing jammers, over 70 different recipes created and 14 tons of jams produced, more than 40 BtoB partners, a partnership with the FRIENDS series and surely a million spoons of jams spread on toasts. What a sweet ride!

Now anybody who has ever created something from their hearts knows that success comes with its load of sweat and tears, moments of doubts and in my case a few runs to the chiropractor to fix my jam lifting back!

Today is a good day to remember our mission :  to bring joy to people’s lives, one jar at a time, with fruit-focused, healthier and fun jams created by innovative and empowered women.

Today is a good day to look forward with passion, determination and faith that the next 6 years will be just as sweet.

Today is a good day to continue spreading joy, love and jam!

Happy birthday to our little jars!

With love, always,


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