French Toasts "à la Leo"

Nothing calls for romantic breakfast in bed better than French toasts & Jam.

This is an easy recipe to pull out of the hat for your Valentine's day weekend.

DISCLAIMER: this is delicious shared with loved ones: that included your partner, your doggo, your kids, your parents, your roomie and of course yourself.

Setting the Mood

Open your music platform of choice and search "Something Stupid" by Nancy & Franck Sinatra , and listen to this Radio / playlist.


Of course the french in me caaaalls for a good brioche or Challah, but grab your favorite Sourdough, ciabatta or rye. Even better if it is a day or two old.

Yes this is the whole point of that recipe, as taught by our grand mothers, making sure no bread goes to waist!

Get a shallow bowl, large enough to dip a piece of bread and prepare your "moist maker"
For 2 people:
Whisk together:
  • 1 egg,

  • 1 cup and a half of milk,

  • 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract

  • a pinch of salt

Go Vegan? Replace the egg by 1/4 cup of Cornstartch whisked in the dairy free milk, et voila!

Cut your bread in 2cm slices and soak them in your batter, about 10 seconds each sides.

Heat a little butter in a pan, and that's the little family secret, sprinkle a little brown sugar on the butter, directly lay the bread on it. It will caramelize and give a beautiful crispiness to your toasts.

Cook for about 2 minutes or until each side is brown and crispy.
Repeat operation until you have a nice big plate of juicy French Toast (each, that goes without saying)
Now take out your favorite jam and spread it nice and good.


The special Valentines Jams of course!



Le Recap' (To Sum Up)

Use what you have in the kitchen, don't worry about getting messy or if you are measuring the ingredients right, cooking should be fun!

Now enjoy, and please of please: tell that person you love them, tell your kids how amazing they are, thank your partner for everything they do, embrace yourself for showing up and powering through everyday.

Love always wins, no matter what.
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Avec tout mon amour,

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