Baked Figs & Brie

A quick and delicious way to woo your guests at dinner this weekend!

Aaah the best of all worlds in that recipe. The melty cheese, the delicious & crispy fresh figs and the sweet and savoury Onion & Rosemary Jam, yep it doesn't get better than that.

Setting the Mood

Open your music platform of choice and search "Sympatique" by Pink Martini, and listen to this Radio / playlist.


Now this is one of my favorite recipe to take out of the magician hat in 5 minutes when friends show up at the house.

It is so easy to put together, tastes great and look amazing!

What you will need is obviously to head to your favorite farmers Market: Oranjezicht City farm Market in Granger bay. (Open 9 to 2pm Saturday and Sunday)

Step 1: Pick up a tray of figs in the veg tent, if you are lucky, Sheryl herself will tell you all about the fig farm and amazing farmer.

Step 2: Grab your favorite fromage at Around Cheese. The recipe calls for Brie but don't hesitate to be adventurous with a fresh goat!

If this is a bit overwhelming for you, just ask Jane and she will point to the best option for you. She even has wonderful Fauxmage nut cheeses.

Step 3: Choose your favorite bread at Woodstock Bakery. I personally love a good Ciabatta as it is airy enough to get the melted cheese in one scoop.
Step 4: OBVIOUSLY, best for last :) come and give me a (socially distant) kiss at Leo's Little Jars Stall to pick up your jar of Onion and Rosemary Jam.

Tip: if you went for the goat cheese, i'll have you taste my favorite jam, the Pear, Ginger and Lime! Waouzah it's delicious!

Go home and preheat your oven at 180°c.
Remove the heads of the figs.

Cut a cross in the figs and place a little bit of the cheese inside.

When your oven is warm and your guests hungry, place your dish in the oven for 15 minutes or until your cheese has melted.
Toast some of that delicious bread.
Carefully take out of the oven, an drizzle with your Leo's Little Jars Onion & Rosemary Jam.

Served as individual plates or family style, this recipe will always woo your guests.


Le Recap' (To Sum Up)

Great ingredients make great recipes. There is no secret here.

So head out to get your favorite ingredients and make sure you choose your favorite people as well to share this recipe with!

Let us know if you made this recipe and tag us on your pictures @leoslittlejarssa

Avec tout mon amour,


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