Lime & 'Tequila' Leonista jam

Lime & 'Tequila' Leonista jam


We are excited to bring you this perfect combination of the oh-so-sour Lime Marmalade and the smokey Honey Reposado 'Tequila' from Leonista.


Leonista is a wonderful brand of 100% SA 'Tequila', made with organic Agave plants grown in the Karoo.

We absolutely love their products and thought it would be a fantastic collaboration between Leo & Leonista !


Give this jam a try and #awakenthelionwithin


Have it with cheese platters or add a spoonful in your Margaritas!

Visit for more information about Leonista's Karoo Agave Spirit.


The alcohol is cooked during the production process.

Bottle of Leonista Spirit sold separately on their website.