Dulce de 'Tequila' Leonista

Dulce de 'Tequila' Leonista


We are excited to bring you this perfect combination of the decadent Dulce De Leche with our mellow and aged Reposado Black 'Tequila' from Leonista.


Leonista is a wonderful brand of 100% SA 'Tequila', made with organic Agave plants grown in the Karoo.

We absolutely love their products and thought it would be a fantastic collaboration between Leo & Leonista !


Give this jam a try and #awakenthelionwithin


Best enjoyed in desserts, as a sneaky spoonful or in an Espresso Martini! Don't limit your creativity. 


Visit www.leonista.co.za for more information about Leonista's Karoo Agave Spirit.


The alcohol is cooked during the production process.

Bottle of Leonista Spirit sold separately on their website.