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Photo credit : Vasgevang, Pierre F. Lombard


& South African inspiration

 Growing up in an Epicurian French family,

I have been passionate by cooking

since an early age
It has always been a means to connect

with my elders, learning their techniques,

their recipes and finding inspiration

in their precious cook books

From them, I learnt the values of great cuisine:
Dedication, patience and audacity

South Africa gives me a permanent

source of inspiration. With the incredible variety

and quality of the local fruits I find;

as well as the powerful energy emanating

from this beautiful city that is Cape Town


“La beauté plait aux yeux,
la douceur charme l'âme.”
"Beauty pleases the eyes, sweetness charms the soul"

- Voltaire -


For the sweetest moments in life

Following the seasons when picking fruits, every batch makes a limited edition of every unique flavour

Chosing the best fruits,

carefuly grown here in South Africa

Adding very little sugar, to keep this a healthy treat

Using only real ingredients, such as flowers, teas and spirits, to make the jams as fair as unique


That's all there is in Léo's Little Jars:

No preservatives - no additives - just love

Photo credit _ Vasgevang, Pierre F
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Photo credit _ Vasgevang, Pierre F
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“I hope you enjoy my jams with as much pleasure as I had making them.” 

- Léo, Artisan of Sweetness -

Grapefruit & A Mari Ocean Gin
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Straw & Rose
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Cherry & Chocolate
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Tequila & Gin
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Jams like

you've never tasted before

Using her grandmothers' recipes, Léo always adds her personal touch by creating unique combinations of fruits and original flavours

Have you ever tried a Lime & Tequila jam? A Banana & Granadilla or a Dulce de leche with Amarula?

"The list of my creations is as long as my imagination...So explore, be adventurous, try something new today.

You know the quality and the love will always be in the jar.
With love, Léo"


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